La Bourse ET La Vie!….Since Daniel Rose took all he loves from the bistrot cuisine—the trick AND the treat—to give it all back to you.
From heartwarming pot-au-feu to naughty steak frites, French traditionnal classics with Daniel’s twist, for lunch and dinner.
In its olive grey-green velvet decor, La Bourse et La Vie is a Bistrot Bourgeois nested in a very parisian street, between Palais-Royal and Bourse.

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Japanese mackerel with chive oil, French kissed with a blowtorch 7€
Prat ar coum oysters x 2 with cider vinegar 8€
Octopus, chorizo and lemon 10€

Leeks vinaigrette Piedmont hazelnuts 11€
Foie gras grains and nuts with chestnut honey jus 19€
Beef tartare with yellow beet chips and anchovies 18€
Sautéed mushrooms ham and figs 18€

Sweetbreads à la milanaise, « Cafe de Paris » butter 37€
Aged Basque Faux filet, frites and sauce poivre 34€
Pigeon salad with too much parmesan, polenta 29€
Whiting with mussels and cabbage 29€

Salad, anchovy, vinaigrette 12€                                                                                                                                         Frites 9€

St Félicien 12€

Thyme sorbet with olive oil 9€
Chocolate mousse M(I)AM 8€


Should you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, do not hesitate to let us know in advance, our cooks will be happy to accommodate.

12, rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France
Metro ligne 3, Bourse

+33 1 42 60 08 83

The restaurant is open from Monday to Friday for lunch from 12PM – 3PM and Friday evenings for dinner from 7PM – 9:30PM.

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Daniel Rose started to cook because he likes to eat. Before becoming a chef, Daniel studied ancient Greek, dreamed of kayaking from Texas to Guatemala, and even tried to join the French Foreign Legion. Having moved to Paris to complete University, he fell in love with French cuisine and started to cook for himself. He began to learn on a coal burning stove in Brittany, and he is still learning today. On his way he met Marie-Aude and probably took the best decision of his entire life: marry her. From the 16 seats at the very first Spring on rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, to the today’s Spring on rue Bailleul, 10 years have passed. Willie and Otto were born. La Bourse et la Vie too. Chez La Vieille re-opens and Le Coucou is taking off.

“The best is yet to come!”

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